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Composers’ Competition Opus ignotum – Terms and conditions

International Composition Competition for Children´s and Youth Choirs

The Composer´s Competition is now also open to children´s choirs and is divided into two parts. Each odd year will take place the deadline of the Children’s Choirs Competition, each even year the deadline of the Youth Choirs Competition. The instructions for the Composers’ Competition for Youth Choirs will be officialy announced in January 2019.

National Information and Counsulting Centre for Culture (NIPOS),
Narodni informacni a poradenske stredisko pro kulturu (NIPOS)
Fügnerovo namesti 1866/5, P. O. Box 12
120 21 Praha 2, Czech Republic.

Contact: Michaela Králová, opusignotum@nipos.cz, +420 778 702 491

Competition Goals:
The organizers set themselves the task of initiating and supporting creation of new works which would be distinctive in composition and accessible for interpretation and which would be of benefit to the repertoire of non-professional choirs.

Deadline of composers´ competition for the children’s choirs: 31st May 2019

General Conditions:

Art. 1
The compositions in pdf format should be sent by e-mail to the address: opusignotum@nipos.cz or by post (easy legible manuscript, copy or computer printout) to the address: Michaela Kralova, Narodni informacni a poradenske stredisko pro kulturu (NIPOS), Fügnerovo namesti 1866/5, P. O. Box 12, 120 21 Praha 2, Czech Republic. 

Demo recordings are appreciated.

Art. 2
The competition is anonymous. Each composition should be marked by a code-name and by the category for which it is intended (A, B or C). The author should attach to an e-mail with the contest composition a text document with information about the composer (name and address, both mail and e-mail and telephone number)[1]. If sent by mail, a sheet of paper with the information about the composer should be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked by the same code-name.

Art. 3
The manuscripts, copies and printouts shall remain in the possession of the competition organizers. After the competition a selection of the manuscripts will be, with autor´s consent, placed into the Music section of the NIPOS library, where it will be available for borrow.

Art. 4
Any failure to meet any of the requirements mentioned will result in the refusal of the composition from the competition.

Art. 5
Additional information about the competition are available on the website of NIPOS-ARTAMA www.nipos.cz in the section Amatérské umění (Artama) / Dětský sborový zpěv or Středoškolský sborový zpěv. In case of any doubts or ambiguity of their interpretation, the Czech version is decisive.

Competition Rules: 

Art. 1
The composers can send their compositions for children‘s choirs composed on any text primarily in Czech, Slovak or Latin.

Art. 2
A (children approx. until the age of 10)
B (children approx. until the age of 15)
C (children approx. until the age of 18)

The recommended voices for respective categories:
Category A: for one or two voices (SA)
Category B: for two voices (SA), for three voices (S1, S2, A), or for four voices (S1, S2, A1, A2)
Category C: for two voices (SA), for three voices (S1, S2, A), or for four voices (S1, S2, A1, A2)

The recommended voice range in respective categories:
Category A: b flat-e flat2
Category B: a flat-f2
Category C: g-g2

The compositions could be a cappella or with the piano accompaniment, eventually with other commonly available instruments (the accompaniment is recommended particularly for the Category A).

The length of a particular compositions should not exceed:
2 minutes (Category A)
3 minutes (Category B)
4 minutes (Category C)

Art. 3
Each author can enter one piece in each category (i. e. up to 3 pieces). Compositions that were awarded in another competition or published commercially will not be accepted for the competition.

Art. 4
The compositions should be sent to the organizer of competition by 31st May 2019 (if the compositions are sent via mail, the date of the mail stamp is decisive).

Art. 5
The official results of the competition will be published in October 2019. The awarded compositions that receive the required number of points, will be performed within the opening concert of the 13th National Competition of Children’s Choirs Porta Musicae 2020 in Nový Jičín (Czech Republic). They will be published by NIPOS.

Terms and conditions for download (pdf)

[1] We process your personal data according to GDPR requirements – European Parliament Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 and according to Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended. Learn more about the protection of personal data within NIPOS under link: http://www.nipos-mk.cz/?page_id=34217


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